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Things I want to look into

This post will be a personal reminder of the things I want to look into in the near future for various reasons.

  • mongoose, or the open source fork civetweb. In particular, I want to evaluate the cost this would have if it were used to monitor high performance applications.
  • rust looks like a cool language that can be used for demanding applications, while being relatively modern. I want to give it a try on some moderately sized project, to see how well it can be used for HPC.
  • docker for CUDA applications looks like an ideal way to distribute CUDA applications without havinf to care about each and every individual setup and drivers.
  • C++ lacks a common and well integrated way to manage dependencies. This is a promissing project that aims at doing jsut that. It started as an open-source fork of biicode, after the company that started it died.
  • Try to look into the most popular Deep Learning Framework, like Caffe, Torch, scikit learn or TensorFlow.
  • I recently set up one of my Raspberry Pis as a wifi hotspot that routes all of its incoming traffic through an OpenVPN tunnel. I need to document this process so I can reproduce it if needed. I think that having a web GUI to switch servers could also be nice.

I guess this can keep me busy for the forseeable future.